1. I manage the sound and recording for a local church in Oro Valley. Bob has taken care of the church’s grand piano for years. We program two Cantata’s a year and the piano is a very important part of our ministry. He tunes and cares for it with such detail that it sings its own special praises as our choir joins it with lifted voices. In addition to the ‘in person experience’, it records beautifully. He also takes special care of an heirloom piano I have at home. We are all so grateful to have him and thank him for his special talent and service!

  2. Bob,
    Thank you for all the work you did on my piano Friday. You truly made it sing and it is such a joy to play.

  3. Bob,
    I played the piano last night and what a joy it was.
    I just want to thank you for your incredible expertise and the time you are willing to spend to achieve the results that can bring such joy to someone.
    Thank you my friend.

  4. Thanks Bob, The piano sounds delicious. . . .
    I was at church this week and the piano never sounded so good. . .

  5. Hi Bob,
    Our pianist wanted to hug the piano last Sunday after hearing it’s tuned up sound!
    Thanks again for your excellent work!

  6. Hi Bob! I got to the piano today and enjoyed myself immensely. One forgets what good tuning and sound is like. The top octave-and- a- half really ring beautifully now. (Not that I’m up there very often, but my warm-up Czerny takes me pretty high!) Many thanks. Tom

  7. Bob, my piano sounds much better! I’m impressed with your ear and your knowledge.

  8. dear bob,
    just wanting to tell you, piano sounded great. yours is the best tuning I’ve had in years. let’s set up another time for some more magic.

  9. Hi Bob
    The piano sounds beautiful. Thank you. I’ll put you on the calendar for next year.

  10. Bob, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the tuning job was, I never heard the piano sound better, either I am getting older and cannot hear or you are getting better, I think it is the latter. You are the best tuner I have ever had. Thanks for tuning my piano, you do a special job.
    Larry Bear

  11. Thank you, Bob, for the fabulous job you did with our piano. It sounds wonderful!
    Meryl Wade

  12. Thank you so much. We feel really grateful to have you keeping our piano in working condition. It’s so nice to have someone we can trust and who always does such a great job.

  13. Bob,
    I have owned the 1904 upright you recently tuned for over 50 years. I don’t know what magic you did, but I must compliment you! My sturdy old friend has never sounded better in all the years I have owned him and bounced him around. You are a true craftsman, using all the right tools with all the right skills. Thanks for a job extremely well done!
    Mike Aquino

  14. Hi Bob.
    Thank you so much for the exceptional job you did tuning my husband’s old piano back on February 13th.
    He was thrilled and it sounds just gorgeous now!
    Janet Mabon

  15. Thank you so much, Robert, for the wonderful job you did tuning my very old upright grand piano. Stopped playing long enough to write this review. You worked a miracle and what a thrill to hear those rich bass sounds you took such care to fine tune. Happy Holidays!!!

  16. Just a note regarding my Schimmell grand piano. It sounds fantastic and bell like with very pure tone just like when I bought it. I played it quite a bit this weekend and as you noted one hears every note. It is very easy to emphasize the melody with no muffled sound. The improved dynamic performance was instantly noticeable with more range particularly for quiet passages. The bass is full with good body too. An excellent investment! Thanks!

  17. Good morning Bob…….Thank you for sending the excellent report. It is well written, thorough and….well, perfect!
    You have mucho expertise when it comes to pianos…..we were lucky to have such a person….

  18. My Hamilton console piano had not been tuned for over 6 years and moved from humid South Carolina to dry Tucson. So I called a friend, who plays the contemporary music at our church, and he immediately recommended Bob Conrad. He needed to give my piano some extra care and attention but now it sounds and feels great!

  19. Bob, your class at the Convention was amazing. Now I have a thirst for more. I am interested in your tunings for my SATIV.

  20. Bob is a great tuner. He has tuned not only my studio piano but those of my my voice and piano students. He’s more than just a tuner, he’s a fine technician as well. He’s a fine musician too, possessing a great ear and singing voice. He has a great touch when he plays and tunes my piano just the way I like it. Also- he is the only person who can retrieve anything my students drop into the piano:-)

  21. Bob did the best job possible tuning my piano which I had neglected for five years I am ashamed to admit. Thanks Bob it sounds awesome….

  22. Bob, I just wanted to thank you again for all you did for my little Steinway. Even I sound good now, and that is not an easy task !!
    Thanks again,
    Jaynie Kane

  23. Bob, I am so pleased with my (sounds like new) piano. I have been playing it for the past hour and am just delighted. It sounds SO much better. Notes that didn’t resonate before that were supposed to I can now hear above the other notes. I really do appreciate the care and time you took to work on it. Many thanks.


  24. I acquired a Yamaha Concert Grand CFIIIS in March of 2011. It had been part of the Artists Reserve unit at the Yamaha facility in CA and had been used for concert work for a period of about 10 years. Although well maintained by Yamaha during that time and stored in climate control, the piano had to be brought up to my personal standards and re-voiced for the great room where it was placed in our home. After several months, I was referred to Bob Conrad as the man who would be up to the task.

    I am a rather serious, classically-trained amateur pianist, and the challenge I gave to Bob was to make this instrument play and sound so as to be worthy in calling it a Concert Grand. Throughout the year, he worked not only on the tuning, but on the many other facets a true piano technician should have the ability to do: hammer voicing, string voicing, and a really fine sense of keyboard regulation. Bob’s technical caliber solving tonal problems stems from his many years of experience and expertise.

    At this point, one year later, he is at the final stage in bringing the piano to near perfection. I doubt this piano sounded any better when it was new. I commend Bob in so many ways I have not done with others — he is the ideal Piano Technician and we’re so lucky to have him here in Tucson. His easy going personality and ability to listen to you in order to achieve exactly what you want is more than any pianist could want. When his work is done, you are extremely satisfied with the results and your piano will give you maximum enjoyment you may have never before thought possible.

    Joe Tardio
    Tucson, AZ

  25. Hey Bob-
    Again, thank you so much for your professionalism, advice and honesty in handling this for me. I wouldn’t have done this without your help.
    Ray Barber, Riverside CA

  26. Bob,
    My wife is deeply pleased with the performance of our Kawai as a direct result of your skills. I just stood near the piano and luxuriated in ‘Porgy & Bess’.

    Thank you. Your concern has made a difference in our lives.

    Warm regards,
    Dave Buus

  27. Hi Bob,

    I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the Steinway at the church sounds. I have been enjoying practicing and playing it. I can’t thank you enough ~ it sounds beautiful! I just wanted to let you know, I really appreciate the work you have done. It is such a joy to play now.

  28. “My Wurlitzer Spinet NEVER sounded this good!” That’s what I told Bob, when I called him a few days after he tuned my piano for the first time. The other tuners I’d used had always told me my piano was too small and cheap to ever sound very good.

    But Bob had the skills and willingness -and took the time!- to make my Wurlitzer Spinet sound really nice. I finally find a super tuner, and then he leaves town. I’m happy for him, but he will be dearly missed. Bob made my piano sound the best it has ever sounded.

  29. I am not a customer, but a good friend and fellow technician. We are going to miss Bob in Kansas City and Tucson is acquiring one of the best piano tuner/technicians in the United States.

    When I first started in this business in 1984, it was Bob Conrad who gave me valuable advice and taught me the ins and outs of the business. I owe him a great debt.

    When I broke my arm in 2007, Bob helped out by servicing some of my customers until I could get back on my feet. They were very pleased with his work.

  30. When cleaning out a storage area that had been overlooked for over 10 years, I found an old black Yamaha studio piano that my predecessor had apparently put there. It was basically a good instrument but because it had not been touched in a long time, it needed some attention. Bob Conrad tuned it and brought it up to standard pitch. He fixed and fine-tuned all the mechanical issues that had crept in over the years. When he finished, I had a first-class, beautifully regulated, well-tuned instrument with an unparalleled tone. You can trust Bob to tune your piano accurately and perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to keep it in top condition.

    David Gardner
    Organist and Choirmaster
    St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
    Lee’s Summit, MO

  31. Bob Conrad has taken care of our 12 pianos here at the Cathedral since 1977 and in all those years, we have never had a problem with his work. He treats every instrument–from our grands which are used every week, to our aging classroom uprights–with the same loving care and makes every piano sound the best it possibly can.

    His fees are very reasonable and you can always count on him to show up for his appointments on time or contact you if he cannot. Not only has he tuned for us, but has repaired, voiced and done other maintenance work for us through the years to protect our investment in our instruments. In every case we were thrilled with the results and never once felt that we didn’t get a lot more for our money than we could have hoped.

    I have recommended Bob to literally scores of people and in every case, they agreed with me: he is the the best tuner around! On top of that he is honest and a nice guy who is easy to work with.

    I recommend him to anyone looking for a piano tuner. I know you won’t be disappointed.

  32. Bob has tuned and taken care of my two matching Steinway grands for over 30 years. When we moved and I no longer needed one of the grands, he helped me find a good home for it. I will miss him now that he has moved to Tuscon because he knew my piano and took care of it like a doctor would a patient.

  33. I bought my Steinway in 1980, and had some very bad experiences with tuners until I met Bob Conrad. He was recommended to me by the largest Steinway dealer in Kansas City. I wanted someone whom I could trust and depend upon, someone I could continue to call on a routine basis and for emergencies. That’s Bob! He tuned my piano for almost twenty years, and I always looked forward to his visits, as he is very pleasant guy and a great conversationalist. I highly recommend Bob to anyone who needs a great, reliable tuner.

  34. To Whom It May Concern:

    Robert Conrad has provided exemplary service for Schmitt Music and Jenkins Music for many years. He is very professional.

    Our company sells the Steinway Family of pianos as well as Yamaha pianos in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Mr. Conrad has seviced both of these high quality instruments for us and we have received several compliments from satisfied customers.

    We are very happy to recommend him and his services.


    Harry Reed
    Senior Piano Specialist
    Schmitt Music Piano Center

    Jamie Deets
    Service Manager
    Schmitt Music

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