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Contained in this download is all the software you’ll need to try out the Littau-Conrad Tuning System.  It contains a copy of the Littau-Conrad spreadsheet, the Piano Manager Software, and the templates and headers used for mapping.   It also contains a group of tunings that can be installed into any SAT, either manually or with Piano Manager or Piano Librarian.

A SAT IV “980” is recommended for the Littau Conrad Tuning System.

A SAT IV “980” has 980 pages of memory, whereas the Standard model SAT IV has around 400.   If you already have a SAT IV standard model, it can probably be upgraded to a “980”.  Just call Inventronics for the details.

The only difference between the two SAT models is how the memory is allocated.  When buying a new SAT IV “980”, the “980” costs the same as the standard model.   The memory used for the standard model’s ‘Help’ Menu has been reallocated to pages of memory.   Most won’t miss the Help Menu at all, since the whole SAT Instruction manual can easily be put on our smart phone, making the Help Menu on the SAT itself unnecessary.  Freeing up that chunk of memory is much more useful for pages for storing templates or tunings.

The file formats used are Excel, Word, Notepad, and the .sat and .lib file formats used with Piano Manager.

Also, this is for Windows PC users only.

Click on the above link to download the tunings.

SAT II, SAT III, or ‘Standard’ Model SAT IV Users:
This download also contains a group of 67 tunings using the triple+5 stretch at A7.  A ‘header sheet’ in .txt format for those tunings is included.

For the included ‘Templates’, an Excel spreadsheet containing the individual settings of both partials and cents for each note on every tuning is included in the download.

Just make sure that you use the correct partials when installing the tunings!!   If you don’t use the correct partials, they will sound awful.   All the tunings in the download use the 4th Partials from A0 – A4, and 1st partials from A#4-C8.

But to fully utilize this system, a SAT IV “980” is recommended.  The SAT “980” has enough pages of memory for the templates used for mapping.

SAT II and SAT III Users:

If you are still using a SAT II or SAT III – the MIDI model SATs – you’ll need Piano Librarian (not Piano Manager) for the MIDI SATs.   Piano Librarian (and Piano Manager) software can be downloaded here.


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