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Download Tunings

(Downloading tunings is  free, but you will be asked to fill out a form. A download link will be sent to the email address you provide in the form.)

Click on the above link to download the tunings from this site.

Included in the download:
– AccuTuner files in both .sat and .lib file formats.
– Tunings in Excel file format (spreadsheet).
– Two Header Sheets in .doc format, containing piano mfg, model, and the cents settings for every ‘A’ on the tuning; one organized alphabetically, one organized by A4 number.
(click to enlarge)

Header view

The numbers to the right of the tuning are the cents settings for each A on the piano.

To select a tuning for a piano not on the list:
-Tune A4 to A440, and then measure the location of the 4th and 8th partials of A4.
-Use the tuning on the list that is a similar mode and has similar A4 and A7 numbers.

Screen shot of the tunings in spreadsheet format.

If installing these tunings into some other system, be sure to use the correct partials.
(The tunings contained in the download all use the 4th partials from A0 – A4.)
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Spreadsheet view

Piano Manager’s Export/Import feature allows for exporting/importing the tuning files from Piano Librarian or Piano Manager into Word or Excel and vice versa.

Organizing tunings can be done with Excel.

Two spreadsheet views of the same group of tunings:

This first one is ‘sorted’ by Brand Name.  (Click image to enlarge)

The Page Number is to the left of the Piano Brand & Model.
For instance,  the Baldwin 52″ Upright (new) is on page 20 in the download group.
(click to enlarge)

XL Brand Sort View

This view is the same tuning group but organized by A4 numbers:
(click to enlarge):

XL A4 sort view

As you can see the tunings are on the same page numbers as before, but they are now organized by their A4 numbers instead of alphabetically.

Graph of the Sohmer tuning as viewed in Piano Manager Software:
(click to enlarge)

Sohmr 32-85

For comparison, here is a piano with an A4 number that is more in the ‘middle’ of this downloaded group.   Here is a Sohmer Grand with A4 number of 10.5.:
(Click to enlarge)



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