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Downloading these tunings is free, but you will be asked to fill out a form. A download link will then be sent to the email address you provide.

The file formats contained in this download are Excel, Word, Notepad, and Inventronics .sat and .lib files that are recognized by both Piano Manager and Piano Librarian (Sorry, Windows PC only!).

Click on the above link to download the tunings.

This download contains my latest group of templates “201117_980” intended for the extended memory pages of the Sanderson Accu-Tuner IV, Model “980”.

These templates “201117_980”, provide for a more stretched treble tuning when mapping the treble targets (A5, A6 and A7) than the older templates (170130_980) previously available in this download.   These new templates are designed for treble tuning that stretches A7 up to and above (or below too of course), a triple octave + 5th.

AccuTuner users with a SAT II, SAT III, or ‘Standard’ Model SAT IV may be interested in the group of 67 tunings contained in this download.  

This download contains 67 tunings that were done using this type of treble stretch.  Included are both a .sat and a .lib file for installing into an AccuTuner.
A ‘header sheet’ in a simple .txt format for those piano tunings is also included.

Also included is an Excel spreadsheet containing the individual settings of both partials and cents for each note on every tuning.

Even though this is all AccuTuner based material, the Excel spreadsheet may be useful when trying to install one or more of the tunings into your particular tuning device.

Just make sure, if your tuning device will allow you to do that, that you use the correct partials when installing the tunings!!   If you don’t use the correct partials, they will sound AWFUL!!  Guaranteed!

Both Piano Manager and Piano Librarian software programs can be downloaded here.

Thanks for your interest.

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