FAC tuning A4 Number:

When an FAC tuning tunes A4, the FAC tuning doesn’t listen to the fundamental (1st Partial) of A4.   The FAC tuning uses the 4th Partial of A4 to tune A4.   Due to inharmonicity, the 4th P. of A4 is always sharp.  Therefore, the FAC tuning’s setting for A4 is never 0.0.

Here’s how to find the 4th P of A4 so we can be sure the FAC tuning is tuning A4 to @ A440 :

After turning on the SAT, it first goes into the Calibration Mode.  To exit the Calibration Mode, press TUNE.

The SAT now says: (A4 @ 0.0)

Tune A4 to (A4 @ 0.0) to stop the lights.   A4 has now been tuned to A-440.

Set the SAT to A6 and play A4.

Use the cents buttons to stop the lights.  That setting should match the FAC’s tuning setting for A4.

The easiest way to correct any discrepancy in the placement of A4 between the two locations is to use the Partial Change Correction (PCC) C8 tweak.