There are a number of ways, when using an AccuTuner, to tune to non standard pitch.

PCC is one of the easiest and most versatile.   When PCC is used for tuning to non standard pitch, make note of the PCC adjustment so it can be reversed when the tuning is finished.

PCC can tune the SAT to the piano on every tuning.

This could be a ‘floater’s delight’!   ‘Floaters’ don’t tune to A440, but allow the pitch to ‘float’ based on the humidity fluctuation’s effect on the pitch of the piano.    PCC allows for tuning the SAT to any pitch.   And with PCC, all the SAT’s other features, like the Pitch Raise Calculator, and DOB can be used ‘on the fly’ in combination with the PCC adjustment.

For tuning a Memory tuning to the piano with A440 as the goal, tune A4 to A440, and measure the location of A4’s 4th Partial.   That 4th partial number is where A4 should be when A4 is tuned to A440.

Once that correct 4th P. of A4 (A440) is known, PCC can raise or lower the Memory or FAC tuning to that correct A4 setting.  Comparing the Correct A4 setting to the Memory tuning’s A4 setting reveals the difference between the two.    To raise or lower the tuning so it is @ A440, add or subtract the ‘difference’ from the A4 settings from the setting of C8 and press STR + MSR.  That’s all there is to it.

Voila!  The piano will end up exactly @ A440.

This works with a Memory or FAC tuning stored in the SAT.

Select the Memory or FAC tuning to be used for the tuning, and look at A4’s setting.   If A4 on the tuning is 10, but the goal is to leave the piano 10 c. flat, go to C8 and subtract 10.0 c. (the amount of the non-standard pitch desired) from the Memory tunings setting of C8.

For example, if the setting on C8 is 35 c. and the amount desired for the non standard tuning is 10.0 flat, simply subtract 10.0 c. from 35 c.
Put 25 c. into the setting of C8.
Press STR + MSR.  Again, that’s all there is to it.

C8 will now be (C8 @ 25) and A4 will be 10.0 c. lower as well –  or 0.0 c. in this example ~  every note on the tuning has now been lowered by 10 c.

But be aware, this PCC adjustment to that particular tuning will stay with that tuning!
If the SAT is turned off and back on, that individual tuning will still have the PCC adjustment stored as a part of that tuning.   It will be there until changed with PCC.

To change it back, simply add the 10. c. to the setting of C8 and press STR + MSR.

PCC makes it easy to:
1. Tune the piano to non standard pitch.
2. Tune the tuning to the piano’ pitch.
3. Correct A4’s tuning setting so the pitch of the piano ends up exactly @ A440.