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Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet Preview

The video below is a preview of the Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet.

This video will give you an idea as to how the spreadsheet looks and works, and how it ties into Piano Manager and the SAT IV.

It starts on the Templates Tab, which is where the mapping information is entered, and then into the Adjust Tab which is where the tuning is actually created.   The Adjust Tab has two ‘levels’ of sophistication for tuning creation.   Both of them are discussed briefly in this video.

Once the tuning has been created in the Adjust Tab, it is then sent to the ‘Edit Rounding’ Tab which is where any round off errors can be seen and corrected if desired.   The Edit Rounding Tab can also be used to adjust the shape of the low bass curve when needed on some pianos.

Once the round off errors have been addressed the tuning is then sent to the ‘Export To Piano Manager’ Tab, where the tuning is named and saved to the database of the Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet.

The tuning is then imported into Inventronics Piano Manager software.   Once the tuning has been stored onto a page of a .SAT file it is ready to be sent over to the AccuTuner so it can be used for the tuning.

Again, this video is only a small preview of a few of the many features of the Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet.


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