There’s a new Accu-Tuner:  The SAT IV “980″.

The SAT IV “980” has 980 Pages of memory available to the user for tuning storage.  This is more than double the available Pages of the SAT IV Standard Model.

The SAT IV memory previously allocated to the “Help Menu” and the “Inventronics’ Generic FAC Tunings”, has been reallocated to “user” available Pages in the SAT IV “980”.

The Inventronics Generic FAC Tunings can still be included and installed into the SAT IV “980” when purchased, they just won’t be in a ‘protected’ area of the memory.   Those tunings are also contained in a file that comes with every SAT IV or SAT IV “980”.   That disk also includes manuals, the Piano Manager software program,
the Updater program, &c.

The old Help Menu is also gone from the SAT IV “980”.   Over my years of talking to SAT IV users, I’ve yet to talk to someone how has used the Help Menu.   I’m sure someone has but I just haven’t talked to him yet.   Please call me and let me know who you are!

Other than that, the features in the SAT IV “980” are the same as it is in the Standard SAT IV.

The SAT IV 980″ is the same price as the Standard SAT IV.

Both SAT IV “980” and the Standard SAT IV are still available for purchase.


Please call or contact me if you have any AccuTuner questions!