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The New AccuTuner Max IV “980”

There’s a new Accu-Tuner:  The Accu-Tuner Max IV “980″.    It looks just like any other SAT IV.

The differences between the Standard AccuTuner IV and the AccuTuner Max IV “980” are internal.

The SAT IV “980”  has 980 pages of memory available to the  user – more than double the available pages of the standard

To make all these pages available, the built in ‘Help Menu’, and the protected area containing the Inventronics’ tunings,
are no longer part of the SAT IV “980”.

The Inventronics Tunings are still included and installed into the SAT IV “980” when purchased, but they just aren’t installed
into a separate ‘protected’ area of the SAT IV’s memory.   So you can always have a copy of the Inventronics tunings, there is a
copy of them on the disk that comes with every SAT IV.   That disk also includes manuals, the Piano Manager software program,
the Updater program, &c.

The Help Menu is also gone from the SAT IV “980”.

Other than that, everything in the SAT IV “980” is the same as it is in the Standard SAT IV.

Another nice thing is the SAT IV 980″ is the same price as the Standard SAT IV!

Of course, the standard SAT IV can still be purchased as before, complete with the Inventronics Tunings
and the built in Help Menu.

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