In Spring of 2020, I changed my treble tuning routines.

Before completely changing over to this new treble tuning, I needed to make sure I was on the right track.

Being sure required tuning more pianos (of different sizes and shapes), more listening, and conversations with customers and other technicians.  It had to sound good on all types and sizes of pianos and be something my customers and I were going to enjoy musically.

This ‘field’ work included making these recordings.  These recordings allowed me to evaluate from somewhere other than at the piano.   They were made with an iPhone SE.

Contained below is a random collection of some of those recordings.

Each recording is 3 – 4 minutes long. You’ll hear some extraneous noises, (bench scooting, noisy pedaling, flubbed notes, customers chiming in not knowing I was recording) since the iPhone was just  sitting on a plate strut or on the top of the vertical piano.

I start with what I call some ‘big chords and slow arpeggios’, then a small bit of a Beethoven Sonata in various permutations I find handy for listening to the treble tuning, and finally a more contemporary snippet.

I do the same routine on every piano, which makes it easier to hear how the tuning (not the tuner!) sounds in the treble, and the general sound quality of the individual pianos.

If you’re listening on your computer and have a ceiling fan, make sure you turn off the fan!   I hope you enjoy listening to some of them.


Baldwin 7′


Baldwin M


Boston GP193 Grand


Chickering 5’9″


George Steck Grand


Kohler & Campbell Console


Kohler & Campbell SKG 500 Grand


Kohler & Campbell SKG 600 Grand


Kimball 5250 (5’2″) Grand


Kimball ‘La Petite’ Grand


Kawai 506 Vertical


Kawai GM10 Grand


Kawai K-2 Vertical


Kawai RX7 Grand


Kawai RX7 2564. . .   Grand


Kawai Shigeru SK3 Grand


Kawai UST Vertical


Mason Reich (Canada) Console


Mystery Piano (???)


Story & Clark Console


Steinway 1098 45″ Vertical


Steinway B


Steinway K52 upright


Steinway L (1977)


Steinway L (2001)


Wurlitzer Studio


Yamaha (Cable Nelson) CN151 Grand


Yamaha C6 Grand


Yamaha DU1A Vertical


Yamaha G2 J-Series Grand


Yamaha GC1 Grand


Yamaha GC2 Grand



Yamaha M25 Console


Yamaha P22 Vertical


Yamaha T118 Vertical


Yamaha T118PE Vertical


Young Chang G157 Grand


Young Chang PG185 Grand