These audio files were recorded with my iPhone5 SE a few minutes after tuning so I could evaluate from somewhere other than at the piano at the time of the tuning.  At the time, I was working on my midrange and treble tuning and built up a bit of a collection of my ‘field work’.  I thought it might be fun to put them  on my website somewhere so anyone interested could have a listen as well.

Each recording is 3 – 4 minutes long and may include some extraneous noises.

I start with chords (Eb, Db, and Bb), then a piece of a late Beethoven Sonata in various permutations.  (I find this part useful for aurally checking the midrange and treble tuning).  The last sampling, is good for aurally checking the overall sound/tuning of the piano from the lowest notes to the highest.

{When listening to these, if you have a ceiling fan, make sure the fan is turned off!}

Baldwin 7′


Baldwin M


Boston GP193 Grand


Chickering 5’9″


George Steck Grand


Kohler & Campbell Console


Kohler & Campbell SKG 500 Grand


Kohler & Campbell SKG 600 Grand


Kimball 5250 (5’2″) Grand


Kimball ‘La Petite’ Grand


Kawai 506 Vertical


Kawai GM10 Grand


Kawai K-2 Vertical


Kawai RX7 Grand


Kawai RX7 2564. . .   Grand


Kawai Shigeru SK3 Grand


Kawai UST Vertical


Mason Reich (Canada) Console


Mystery Piano (???)


Story & Clark Console


Steinway 1098 45″ Vertical


Steinway B


Steinway K52 upright


Steinway L (1977)


Steinway L (2001)


Wurlitzer Studio


Yamaha (Cable Nelson) CN151 Grand


Yamaha C6 Grand


Yamaha DU1A Vertical


Yamaha G2 J-Series Grand


Yamaha GC1 Grand


Yamaha GC2 Grand



Yamaha M25 Console


Yamaha P22 Vertical


Yamaha T118 Vertical


Yamaha T118PE Vertical


Young Chang G157 Grand


Young Chang PG185 Grand