This video shows a way to create a header sheet of the banks of tunings in a SAT IV.

There are probably more ways to do this than the one contained in the video, but this one works nicely and is fairly quick. This method uses Excel and Word.

Once the header sheet is created, it can be put into your Google Drive folder.  With Google Drive, the header sheet can be viewed on both your phone and your computer.  Using Google Drive to view the Header Sheet when ‘in the field’ (with no internet connection or even phone service needed) eliminates the need to carry a paper copy of the tunings contained in your SAT IV.    Once you put the newly created header sheet into the Google Drive folder (on your computer), you will be able to simply open the Google Drive app on your phone, open the Header Sheet file, and look up the tuning or template you are wanting to use, find what page it is on, and then go to that page in the SAT.

I hope this video can be used by those with only limited experience with Excel.   Those with a basic knowledge of Excel, will have no problem with this method.