Piano Tuning: How often?

Basically, tune the piano whenever it needs tuning.   Concert instruments are tuned every time they’re played.   But for most of us, the easiest and best way is to tune it on some kind of a regular schedule.  Yearly maintenance is minimal and is always a good place to start.

But one size does not fit all.  How often can depend on you, the piano, the pianos environment, and how it’s used.  Once a year may not be enough.  Different situations, pianos and pianists may require different maintenance schedules.  How well the piano is holding up since it’s last tuning will also let us know if the maintenance schedule is about right or not.

Humidity fluctuations are the cause of most of the piano’s tuning fluctuation.  Most homes in Tucson are relatively stable compared to other parts of the country.

Indoor Relative Humidity is different from outdoor Relative Humidity.   Here in Tucson, just because the RH is 10 – 15% outdoors doesn’t mean it’s 10 – 15% indoors.

My first recommendation is to buy a good reliable accurate hygrometer that can be calibrated.  Only then will you know what the humidity is in your house.   I provide this calibration as part of my service if the hygrometer you have can be calibrated.

Tuning is the first level of piano maintenance.

Pianos that are regularly maintained will always provide better service over the life of the instrument.