Over the years, there have been thousands of piano companies making pianos!   I hope you find this list an interesting and fun way to learn a little more about many of the current brands and manufacturers of pianos you will see in dealer showrooms today.

  • August Förster
    Mfg. in Germany
  • Baldwin
    owned subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corp.
    Names used: Baldwin, Acrosonic, Hamilton, Classic, Chickering, Wurlitzer, ConcertMaster,
    No longer used: D.H. Baldwin, Kranich & Bach, Howard, Ellington, Monarch
  • Bechstein
    German piano
    mfg.  –  American office in New York City  –  In Dec. 2006, C. Bechstein re-acquired full ownership and distribution in America from Samick.   Bechstein America, LLC.
    Names used currently:  C. Bechstein,  W. Hoffmann
  • Blüthner
    London, England piano company
    Bluthner /Haessler-nr.Leipzig Germany
  • Bösendorfer
    Austrian piano manufacturer, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha.
  • Boston
    Designed by Steinway Musical Properties
    Mfg. by Kawai Musical Instrument Mfg. Co. Ltd. Hamamatsu, Japan
  • Chavanne
    French piano
  • Dongbei Piano Co., Ltd.,
    Third largest piano producer in China
    Owned by Baldwin Piano Co.
  • Essex
    Designed by Steinway made in China(Pearl River)
    Mfg. by Young Chang
  • Estonia
    European piano
    mfg. in Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Fandrich & Sons Pianos
    Pianos imported from China and rebuilt in Stanwood, Washington as Fandrich & Sons Pianos
    Centralia, Washington USA
  • Fazioli
    Mfg. in Sacile, Italy
  • Feurich
    Mfg. in Germany
  • Haessler
    Mfg. by Blüthner
  • Hallet & Davis
    Mfg. by Dongbei Piano Co., China
  • Irmler
    Designed/manufactured thru Blüthner by Far Eastern partners.
  • Kawai
    Mfg. in Japan, Indonesia & Korea
  • Kemble (Yamaha) now made in China
  • Mason & Hamlin Co.
    Mfg. in Haverhill, Massachusetts
    Overs Piano
    Mfg. in Australia
  • Petrof
    Mfg. in Prague,Czech Republic
  • Pleyel & Co.
    Mfg. in France
  • Pramberger
    Korean pian
    o mfg. by Samick / Young Chang
  • Royale Piano Co.
    Korean Piano Co.
  • Samick Piano Co.
    Manufacturing sites in Korea & Indonesia
    Manufacturers of: Kohler & Campbell, Pramberger, Sohmer & Co., Wm. Knabe & Co., Conover Cable
    Recently acquired: Seiler Piano.

  • Schimmel
    Manufactured in Braunschweig, Germany
  • Schulze Pollmann
    Mfg. in Turin, Italy
  • Seiler
    Mfg. in Germany, recently acquired by Samick
  • Shigeru-Kawai
    Mfg. by Kawai
  • Steingraeber & Söhne
    Mfg. in Bayreuth, Germany
  • Steinway & Sons
    Mfg. in New York & Hamburg, Germany
  • Story & Clark
    Names used: Story & Clark, Hobart M. Cable, no longer used: Classic, Lowrey, Hampton
  • Stuart Piano Co.
    Mfg. in Australia
  • Suzuki
  • Walter, Charles R.
    Names used: Charles R. Walter, Janssen
  • Weber
    Mfg. by Young Chang
    Names used: Weber, Sagenhaft
  • Welmar Pianos
    Mfg. in England
  • Wurlitzer
    Mfg. by Baldwin
    Names used: Wurlitzer, J & C Fischer; No longer used: Rudolph Wurlitzer, Chickering, Jonas Chickering, Cabaret, Casino
  • Wyman Piano Co.
    Mfg. in China
  • Yamaha
    Mfg. in Thomaston, Georgia; Taiwan; Northern China and Japan?
    Brand Names include Yamaha, Cable Nelson
  • Young Chang
    Mfg. in Seoul, Korea; Tianjin, China

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