Robert Conrad, Registered Piano Tuner/Technician, Tucson, AZ


Mapping is finding locations for the tuning’s target notes.

Mapping is the equivalent of setting the temperament in aural tuning.

The Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet (LC) requires a setting for every A on the piano for it to create a tuning.   Other mini-targets can also be used with the LC spreadsheet.

The Mapped notes include all the A’s plus D3,E3, and D4, and E4.  (The Ds and Es are used to determine the widths of both the prime and subprime octaves, and to balance the prime 5ths).

As in aural tuning, all previously mapped notes are used as references for mapping the treble and the bass.

By mapping (and tuning) target notes across the entire keyboard, the overall sound of the piano can be heard as the piano is being mapped.

Once the mapping is complete, our LC spreadsheet uses the freshly mapped target locations to create the tuning again, based on our own mapping decisions.


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