If you’re here,  it’s because you clicked on the link I sent you!
First of all, thanks for your interest and curiosity.  I don’t know if its possible to find this page of my site without this link, so it’s pretty much private – my own personal private Instagram.

Anyway, yesterday (7/24/2020), I decided to have a little camera fun out on our back porch.
I’d never done this before, which made it a bit of a maiden voyage.    But I thought some of these were fun, so I thought I’d share.  Hope you enjoy them a little bit.

****Click on each picture to enlarge****


{Nikon Z7, 24-70 2.8, mostly 1/6400, ISO 20,000, f 2.8, 40-50 mm.}


This next one is our cat, the great and powerful Oz.

I just like this shot.