In addition to correcting errors at partial changes, the Partial Change Corrector (PCC) may also be used to add stretch to the bass.

The amount of the PCC adjustment is selected by the user, whereas the DOB amounts are not.

The main difference with using PCC in stead of DOB, is that the PCC adjustments are stored with the tuning, whereas the DOB settings are not.

The Partial Change Corrector (PCC) is variable in .1 cent increments.   DOB is .1 in Beats Per Second.   

The PCC can be used to effect the notes below it by any amount.  PCC can be done ‘on the fly’ just like DOB.

Since PCC works in the downward direction, this only works in the bass where it ‘lowers’ all the notes below the PCC adjustment.

The partial change corrector may be used in combination with DOB.   Use DOB to find your desired locations for A1 or A0 or whatever.   Then use the Partial Change Corrector to smooth the hiccups out a bit and have your adjustments stay with the tuning for future use.

The Partial Change Corrector adjustments become part of the tuning, where as, DOB is not.

It can be a good idea to keep a few empty SAT pages handy.  Use the Copy / Paste to make a copy you can go back to if things get too confusing, or if you just want to start over from a good spot.