I have two SATIV “980”s.   I use them both, one one week and the other the next.  I don’t want to work without one.   And, since a Microsoft Surface Pro is part of my tuning process, I have two of those as well.  I’m backed up with both hardware and software.   It’s great to know if one of my SAT’s or one of the Surface Pro’s go down, I remain stress free in business without losing a step.

Both of my SAT’s are exactly the same.  They are interchangeable.  The Surface Pros are also virtually identical.

When working with Piano Manager,  the SAT’s Extended Memory, and reading and writing files to and from the SAT IV “980” and the Littau-Conrad Excel spreadsheet, there will be times when files get corrupted.   But being backed up, I can keep working with the program and the SAT until I get everything working smoothly again

Piano Manager is a unique piece of software made excluseively for the SAT “980” which is also a unique piece of hardware and software.  The “980” has only been available since late 2016.   And since then tave been numerous 980 firmware updates , as well as new updates and versions of the Piano Manager program.  I recommend using the latest version of PM and of course, the latest firmware for your SAT.   You can download the latest version of PM here.    Call Inventronics for the correct and latest firmware update for your particular SAT.