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Available for download here is a group of individual pianos (complete 88 note tunings).   These tunings were the result of a custom mapping routine to create a custom tuning for that particular piano at that time.

These tunings use what we’re calling the Extended 4th partial arrangement.   The Extended 4th partial arrangement removes any partial changes issues.    

Tuning software’s partial change issues can cause audible ‘hiccups’ in the tunings wherever there is a partial change.  The most obvious one(s) being in the tenor.

But the tunings contained in this download don’t have any partial change issues, because there are no partial changes in that area.   Partial changes are not a problem with these X4 Templates!

Some popular tuning systems contain as many as 5 or 6 partial changes built into them(!),  with many of them occurring in the lower half of the piano.

But the tunings contained in this download have none of those problems, due to the use of the 4th partial from A0 – A4.

These tunings will work very nicely for pitch raises, and can be used as a final tuning in many instances.   It just depends on the situation, the piano, and the customer.

If the make and model of the piano you want to tune isn’t ‘specifically’ contained in the download,  you should still be able to find one in the group that you can use:

If it is an American made console, choose an American console from the list or use a Yamaha console from the list.
If it is a studio or larger upright, again, the Yamaha U1 or a Kawai Studio should work pretty well.
For the small “No Name” grands, use a small Kawai Grand – the GM10,  or a Yamaha GH1 from the list.
For mid sized and larger grands, just stick with the Yamaha or Kawai grands in the list of similar size.

Again, simply not having any partial change issues contained in the tuning should make the piano sound better.

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