Tuning Audio Files

Contained below is a random collection of some of the tuning ‘listens’ recorded with my iPhone.  In the collection are grand pianos of different sizes and manufacturers, some studios and consoles.

YouTube Videos

Many of the AccuTuner Blog articles are associated with a video.    This link will take you to my YouTube channel which contains all my videos. Click here to go to my YouTube Channel  

Tuning Business Insurance

I have two SATIV “980”s.   I use them both, one one week and the other the next.  I don’t want to work without one.   And, since a Microsoft Surface Pro is part of my tuning process, I have two of those as well.  I’m backed up with both hardware and software.   It’s great to know…

AccuTuner Blog

This “AccuTuner Blog” is a sharing of AccuTuner features, skills, experiences, tuning ideas and discoveries.  Also presented here is an introduction to the Littau-Conrad Tuning System. If you have any questions, any new or interesting AccuTuner ideas, or are interested in an AccuTuner, give me a call or use this Contact form. I’ve been a…