Video: Creating a Header Sheet for xMem Tunings

This post is on how to create a header sheet for the xMem sections of the SAT IV. There are probably more ways to do this than the one contained in the video, but this one works nicely and is fairly quick. This method uses Excel and Word. I hope this video can be used by those with only limited experience with Excel.   Those with a basic knowledge of Excel, will have no problem with this method. (Contains video)

Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet Demo 2

This video shows how a tuning is created using actual mapping notes and how the targets are arranged on the notepad. There is also some discussion in this video on how the “A4 numbers”, combined with the “4th” A4 Number, help to begin the mapping process. Using the mapping notes combined with the A4 numbers,…

Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet Preview

The video below is a preview of the Littau-Conrad Spreadsheet presenting how our LC Spreadsheet looks and works with Piano Manager and the SAT IV. Creating the tuning begins on the Templates Tab. Once the targets have been entered into the ‘Targets’ boxes on the Templates tab, clicking on the ‘Copy to Adjust Tab’ begins…


Template: A gauge, pattern, or mold (such as a thin plate or board) used as a guide to the form of a piece being made; an overlay; something that establishes or serves as a pattern. Templates are used for mapping the different sections of the piano.