Robert Conrad, Registered Piano Tuner/Technician, Tucson, AZ


The Prime 5ths

The prime 5ths are used to determine the best prime octave width for the particular piano being mapped and eventually tuned. When the widths of the prime 5ths are added together, when that total is -3.0, the prime octave width is about right. Continue reading

Mapping A0

Mapping A0 can be done any number of ways. It can be mapped however you like, but just like A1, once you have it where you want it, it's location must be measured using it's 4th partial, since the LC Spreadsheet uses the 4th partials for A0 - A4. Continue reading


The idea of actually being able to tune and/or measure pitch on any piano to within one tenth of a cent accuracy is very wishful thinking. And the idea that the piano 'system' is capable of a stability within one tenth of a cent is also very wishful thinking. Please keep that in mind when reading these posts. Continue reading

What is a Partial Change?

When using any tuning software, different partials are used to tune different parts of the piano.   The partials used are designed into the software.  All tuning software systems therefore contain partial ‘changes’ as part of the tuning.… Continue reading

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